Shorter time & gamble vs longer time & playing safe

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Shorter time & gamble vs longer time & playing safe

Post by Petooo on Wed 15 Mar 2017 - 20:40

-For me new and i was stupid not to do the research sooner (could save much time)
- and this time wont ask to excuse my English, just excuse my liking (?to) alcohol (not othat i am a drunk, but i am drunk ... at this moment) << probably will edit this post when sober

I checked several forum and checked formulas for cauldron success rates/fusion time/quality results:
- if you want u can google cauldron formula ... (and you will find several other forums going pretty deep)
- i wont bother you with the math, so short said there are 2 approaches: Gamble vs playing safe < the difference is in time spend fusing

Few tips and examples i made based on what i find:
- if u don't necessarily need things u are crafting u can go the gamble way (and if it isn't gamble under 50% statistically u save time and earn more)
- because i have strict to do list and what eq i craft i need i go the middle way playing safe with some risk
- i was crafting 40 lvl light armor and noticed this way at least 1.5x faster way to legendary (sometimes with lack even 2x)
- never use green items (except u dont have anything better to fuse, on some forum i saw to avoid blue ones too, but i like them, they crit nicely for me)
-i saw that CF fusing is worth the time (but iam not that lucky)
- ah yeah shortcuts (many forums uses them as well) C=common(white color), Gr=green(but no one uses them),G=great(blue), F=Flawless(light blue),E=epic(purple), L=legendary(yellow), M=mythical (cant be used in cauldron) >> so  CF means 1 common+1 flawless


- this is the way i went until recently (what a waste of time), for me cauldron is the bottleneck

-i found that that particular potion i have BP for is pretty nice for lvl 40items, poption is 22 and quality is at least green, so it crits to flawless most of the time and its craft time 1,5 minute (ideal)
- ok its not ideal 79% i will get what i want (18% so 1 of 5 it will be over my expectations)
- should it "fail" and i get epic potions (3 great armors, who cares, i have 6 in 30min, but fusion time down by 2 hours),
  lets see it this way i make 10, 1 of 5 (20%) i get epic armor and next 1 of 5 i get just epic potions, don't have to do the math to see its worth loosing 3 great armors to get 5flawless=1epic, and that epic potion can be used later when fusing flawless armors (so wasn't a waste) << and of course i have it 2 hours sooner

- but i am using 4 of them
- because i am creating much more great armors then i can spent/sell (because i need them for legendaries for my heroes i am not selling them, only if i have too much of them - happens too)
- fusion time still same, but now my chance increased to from 79% to 84% (if my bottleneck were crafting rather then cauldron, wouldn't go for it)

- the way i did it before (i see it as the stupid way)

- and now 90% of good results, 100% success, 4h faster with only 10% chance of "failing" (legendary potion)
- even should it fail, i can sell leg potion for some nice gems or use it in fusion with epic armors
- i could remove 1 flawless armor (success rate drops to 71) so not worth it (fusing blues/great armors is fast) so unneccessary risk

and at last:

- it`s pity i didn't make screenshot how long that would take with armors only (but the difference is even bigger, i think 5-8hours more)
- in this case i used teleportation scroll i got from some bag (hadnt "luck" to fail in previous fusion to get leg. potion)
- but still nearly 94% of wished results, this time it a fail would be a fail and not a "fail" because cant use mythicals and only good side would be gems for it (not that bad either, especially would it be the potion, which is a rare BP, this scroll is common i think)

- (i wrote these in consideration of time << my most precious resource, gems&gold can be acquired easily and time = effectivity)
- when starting to craft some items u want, for example some 40lvl item, check what fusion fodder works best, 1 lvl higher quality of 30,20,10 lvl item(10 is probably too low) and the check what is easy to craft around that level or easy to buy (u could even fuse low lvls, for example fusing flawless low lvl potion is 1 hour, but using it in cauldron with high lvls saves 3hours, so not bad too)
- when algorithm decides the results the range is from lowest quality+1 to highest +1 >> that's why i used always better item (at least blue) + lower item 1 quality higher = so result in most cases would be what u would get anyway, but faster and if right level item used even good change to get the item quality +2, like good 50lvl+flawless 40, faster fusion, quality at least flawless with chance for epic, ...
- there are posts saying it is good to combine common + flawless (CF), that means result varies between green, great, flawless, epic (range is every time +1), but because my luck is average, its too much of a gamble for me and at the moment i just craft items i really need so no time for unnecessary risks (even when statistically it should be worth it)
- another thing is, from this point on, i only sell/throw away
    - green items (no matter lvl, its garbage)
    - blue items based on level and rarity
    - always keep flawless low levels; flawless higher levels depends on rarity, if i plan to craft them or how much i would get, but in future, when i will craft 50lvls, maybe they would be good as cauldron fodder (at the moment i keep my character around lvl 40 so icraft around 40lvl items, is stupid to raise their levels when their eq cant keep up)
-i always go for high success rate as near to 100 as possible, because when success rate low and it fails i lost the time spent for fusion and ofc 1 item, so i rather have 100% result even when not the desired item comes out of it, still better then loosing time and even loosing 1 item (and that item can be used in next fusion step to legendary, because its quality will be higher)
- when item has prerequisites (this armor has blue 21lvl armor or so), if it crits to better quality check if it cant be used to shorten fusion time with nice numbers (if so would be stupid to use it or sell it)


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Re: Shorter time & gamble vs longer time & playing safe

Post by Graviton on Tue 21 Mar 2017 - 3:08

In addition to petooo's strategy. I'll post mine here

I've found it to be the fastest and most profitable to fuse 1 Common with 1 Flawless to get epics. There is about a 30% chance to get an Epic and about 50% chance to get your Flawless back to try again. If you think about it. It takes 5 Flawless to get 1 Epic at 100% but if you use my strategy, you get 5 sets of 30% chance at an Epic. That's 150% chance you'll get at least 1-2 Epics. I've been extremely lucky before and gotten all 5 Flawless to Epics.

FYI- I fuse together 2 Goods to make 1 Great
     I fuse 2 Greats to make 1 Flawless (75%) chance. I do this because statistically, you'll be making more Flawless this way then by fusing 3 Greats

PS: Yes, I am a gambler. It is fun to score big upgrades with little materials


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