5 3rd tier parties

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5 3rd tier parties

Post by Petooo on Fri 3 Mar 2017 - 17:06

-at this point it really doesn't matter, and this is rather bragging or show off
- even when i have 2, max 4 injured (depends, if leaders are ok) i still can cover, just parties are smaller, but still all 3rd tier


- same as before, when 1 is injured minh covers (sadly melina 25lvl is still not strong enough to be here, but she isn't my priority to equip, and maybe in next update will her max lvl raise)


- leader with buch of weakest women, and there is bunch who could cover karal/louca/fiora


- what say, after creating first 2 parties, i just pickup weakest heroes (the farthest right)


- nearly same principle, weakest, but always keeping eye, that this and last party will have there hero increasing survival/strength,
- last slot empty, because this party is strong enough, so rather leave him for the last "weakest" party


- just the rest, leader could be lancaster, who has survival leader skill (in such case would fill the slot in 4th party)
- i used as leader kurul just because of 6 slots
- probably better choice would be kuro as leader with leader skill rest reduction by 50%, but i dont care (i rather send them all in 1 run then log every minute and send parties individually)


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