4 3rd tier parties

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4 3rd tier parties

Post by Petooo on Fri 3 Mar 2017 - 16:45

Its now little harder to say, because all my heroes are a lot stranger then before, but as i remember my parties looked liked this +-

1st party:

-still same - party of spellcasters, minh could be used there too but your minh will be probably weaker cause of max 35lvl

2nd party:

- woman only party, i used my weakest women, but u could use there kuro/odette/louca

3rd party:

- first 3 character i used darthos, clovin, gauwin, because they increase either survival or strength, rest didnt matter (weakest that had str enough for green smile face)

4th party:

- the core was edward+lancaster (both increase survival)+rest of the stronger garbage and what was left was sent to 2nd tier


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