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Craftingcauldrongold strategy

Post by Petooo on Mon 15 May 2017 - 1:11

I think everyone would come to this sooner or later.
Prerequisites are some gold earning BPs like occarinas or balmungs

Probably everyone wants to equip their heroes with legendaries first and mythical later (makes more sense then going straight for mythicals, but that's obvious).

To do that one has to craft items and the higher the level the more ridiculous is the time/prerequisites & resources.

So at the moment my strategy is following:
-i craft only rare/special BPs (stronger & have skills), common equipment doesnt pay off for me (if i dont have anything usefull for a hero, like at the moment +-40 dagger, then i buy 5 flawless & 5common daggers and fuse them to legs, no point loosing time crafting it)
-with that said its necessary to master rare BP first (necessary evil) to have the skill, but then rather to loose time crafting it i just fuse it. And while matering it i can see how well it is going (and mostly not so well, maybe i am just not lucky to crit while crafting)

few days ago i was crafting these

2 flawles 18lvl spears (2 min crafting) but really a pain

So after mastering it i started to craft occarinas:
9 occarinas every 2-3 hours, when iam not active much can make 3x 9 a day = 27. Lets say i sell them for ca 45m gold = 1.2G (2.5G when active).
1 common quality helm 24M, good helm 25M, for flawless+common fuse will need 5x common = 125, 20x good = 10 great = 5 flawless = 500M, so for 600M in ideal case i have 1 leg and still plenty of gold
Of course this item isn't that good as example because of the fusing good to flawless (and players don't sell flawless helms much)
It depends on the player sales, some eq is great. Even when the flawles costs 100-200M, because after buying 5, cauldron will take at least 8 hours (i have eq around 40lvl in mind) and in the 8 hours u can earn that much without problem. And most of the time u either get flawless back or get epic.

Plenty of gold and what to do with gold? I think its not necessary to tell you, but i would advise rising worker lvls = faster crafting and higher mastery
I sell all occarinas except epic and even so i was able to get 2 leg occarinas while i was fusing helms (4 days)
It takes more time to get to (some) legenderies, but rising workes lvls (and by crafting occarinas you get nice xp too) is worth it in long run (i think more then rising hero lvls, naked 50lvl has no chance against 40lvl with legs)
- In last 4 days my 5 workers have risen from 40 to 46 lvl (of course when i invest i hire all the workers from that building so everyone enjoys exp). And as soon as my workers are lvl 50 (or max 55, when all goes well) then maybe would go back to traditional way, but with much higher mastery and so higher chance of critting. And when u craft something 4+ hours it hurts, when 90% are common and green items


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