[RECRUITING] Avalon #67 - Spots Available - (BYOB)

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[RECRUITING] Avalon #67 - Spots Available - (BYOB)

Post by Taylor on Mon 20 Mar 2017 - 10:12

Hey y'all,

After looking at a few other recruiting posts, I put this together... (we can post something similar to this on the forum; please feel free to change/edit what you deem necessary)


Hello World!

We are a simple, cozy little city looking for a few new members to put up with our shenanigans. If anything, Avalon is rebuilding to become a more competitive city, while retaining our easygoing environment.

As far as upgrades and raiding: All buildings are at max level and we usually complete the raid with plenty of time to spare.

1. Be active – and have FUN
2. City Investment = >10G (Exception: for family members / friends wanting to join as well)
3. Raid minimum = 750
4. Alert the City/Mayor if you need time off (or will be busy) – We all have a have a life outside of this game
5. Invest occasionally – we try to keep all building boosts active throughout the day

Our Current All-star list includes:
(All 25 roster spots are designed for VIPs only! Except for spot #8… you don’t want that spot. Gunner took that spot and left his cooties all over the place…)

1. Ali
2. Bryce
3. Bubba
4. David
5. Gorn
6. Graviton (Mayor)
7. GSP
8. *Gunner
9. Jocelyn
10. Mateba
11. MizzGaia
12. Monk
13. Pegasus
14. Petooo
15. Phoenix
16. Prax
17. Scoffer
18. Shimizu
19. Tara
20. Taylor
21. Wayward
22. Zingop

Please don’t hesitate if you’re interested in joining Avalon!

*Warning: We do have a Stage 4 Goofball that I feel obligated to inform you about. However, if you feel the need for an interesting conversation… you’ll enjoy having Gunner around.

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Re: [RECRUITING] Avalon #67 - Spots Available - (BYOB)

Post by Graviton on Tue 21 Mar 2017 - 2:49

The major approves of all contents. Nice!

As a side-note: Everyone is allowed to recruit. Just adhere to the 10G networth guideline and you're golden. Only exception is when members come in packaged deals such as (brother,sister,mother,friend, etc...)


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