Some basic info + 3 3rd tier parties

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Some basic info + 3 3rd tier parties

Post by Petooo on Mon 13 Feb 2017 - 19:51

Raid Boss

- Always check which heroes have loot advantage (left bottom corner) and try to use them in 3rd tier Raid Quest

-it is good to raise lvl of heroes (has several other advantages too) to unlock all their skills (For example Darthos has very good ones)

For start you could try following 3 formations (later on with good eq it wont matter that much, i mean much later)
- Of course all my heroes have all their skills unlocked
- if your characters don't have green faces invest in the appropriate building. This way you increase experience of heroes (money never wasted)
1st spell caster party:

- Moijan (increases strength of everyone by 50%, spell casters by another 30)
- that's why spell casters benefits most, i added Edward, because he increases survival rate further

2nd men mostly fighter party:

- Darthos is leader +25% survival for men
- lancaster another +10% survival
- clovis has some minor increase too

3rd women mostly rogue/fighter party:

- alicia as leader +25% survival for females
- rest some females
- in the last slot i would use Fiora, but at the time of writing this, she had a very bad injury (based on heal time  i would say cancer + leukemia + some broken bones)


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